Hello, My names Resio, my close friends call me Res. I’m Melbourne born and based and it’s this city where you’ll find the majority of my artworks. As you can tell by my work I’m an artist, Style writer and large scale mural painter. My styles are diverse weaving through complex abstractions of dynamic colour and shape through to photo realism and masterful traditional graffiti pieces.

I was first introduced to hip hop through my late uncle/mentor “CULPRIT” FRESHSOX, TBB, SNM. He was a Og Bboy and hip hop enthusiast. I was instantly fascinated by hip hop culture and started breakdancing circa 2005, 8 years old. We would often watch hip hop movies like Beat street, style wars, graffiti rock and the freshest kids together and he would teach me how to break.

Later taking me out to B-boy battle events and jams, i was his little prodigy. Being surrounded by the graffiti wild style backdrops painted by Shem and Jorz at these events, It was intriguing and i greatly admired the work. I distinctly remember gazing in awe and astonishment.

I first picked up a can helping culprit fill in his pieces, few years later spray paint then soon became a preferred medium and my weapon of choice. I was always encouraged to draw and paint and I guess its a natural progression to evolve over time.

My style is a eclectic combination of my own personal flavour and a mix of all the writers/artists i look up too and am influenced by. Locally like CULPRIT,SHEM,SOFLES,SIRUM,DVATE,AIMER,PUZLE,DUEL Just to name a few as they have had an impact on me one way or another. The internet has a big influence, having access to infinite information and being able to stay digitally updated with all the artists i follow globally is awesome. Its driven my hunger and passion and fuels my motivated to create. Internationally i enjoy the online work of KCINGOFVOID,NOMADSKI,VIZSLABACON,DEPOT,DRUID,ROIDS,REVOK,POSE,JURNE,DONDI,CASE2,PHASE2,KEMS,KEAR,RUMY,RIVER,BATES,SOBEKCIS,HORFEE,ASKEW,WELIN,BALSTROEM,WAIS,ARYZ,SAINER_ETAM.

I’ve always been interested in the technical aspects of burners, wild styles and productions. Melbourne has a rich history for its innovation and intricate wild pieces. I guess I like to try and pay homage to that legacy and push it forward.

Traveling and photography also play a part in my creative endeavours. I enjoy exploring new places, adventuring, taking photos and painting with friends. Painting at Roskilde festival in Denmark Europe and hanging with all international writers and artists from all over the world was a crazy experience and a definite highlight. Being Surrounded by elite writers from different backgrounds and watching how each individual artist approached the wall uniquely was insightful. Not to mention painting everyday, Basking in the sun and to top it off partying with the writers and getting to watch acts like Stormzy and Eminem live. Then catching a train 40 mins away to Sweden the next day to paint with graffiti legend great bates? Surreal times for a suburban Melbourne kid.

I mostly enjoy painting pieces outside in nature, ideally large spots I can stretch and flex my pieces. Outlining is like dancing and a form of meditation, and music is important on influencing the feel or style of my work whilst painting or sketching. I like experimenting with different styles, techniques and colour combinations and trying to keep it fresh. I occasionally paint freestyle which is a good release but i tend to not be as happy with the result so i prefer to take a rough sketch or some lines to the wall. Nowadays I’m focusing on my studio based art practice and my interest in abstract and traditional painting.

Thanks to Bombing science for reaching out. Mad respect to all that paved the way, beat street and style wars and everyone thats helped me along the way. Style is the limit, Stylistically sadistic.

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