1) Alright dude we know you’ve been in the game for a while but for those not familiar with you, tell us how things got started for you and what crew you rep? How did you coin the name Revenge? Sounds ominous!

I started very early in my childhood watching my older brother writing graffiti. I was influenced by him and some of the other artists I saw so I started drawing in ’96-’98 then painted my first piece in ’99.  I rep the crews: TMC ,Dieclan, BLT, & Wild Cans. I originally started writing Pheam from 97-2005 , and I was wrongfully arrested and came up with the name Revenge while in prison. Revenge was supposed to be a one time piece but I fell in love with the letters and the rest is history.

2) You seem to be putting out some truly sinister-looking pieces on a regular basis! Do you do graffiti-type work full time or are you just addicted to the process? How long does it take you to do a typical

Thank you! I do not like painting art for money, for me it takes away the freedom and enjoyment of what I do. I paint graffiti just for my own self-gratification. I simply enjoy the process. The time I take on a piece depends on the location, wall, train, event etc. but typically it takes about 6 to 8 hours to finish a piece within a day.

3) What I dig about your work is that you like to hone in on one element of what you do and really get good with that. For example your color work, I see sometimes you will lay down the same or similar
shapes but you’ll use that as a way to really experiment with color, and it leads to some awesome pieces. Legitimately your color work is amazing. Is this something conscious on your part or is this just the way you like to work?

I try to be conscious of every layer I paint but with a balance of freedom. I learned from the great Bob Ross that: “There are no mistakes just happy accidents

4) I see you like to travel and collab with other writers, would you say this is the main reason you stick to graffiti versus other forms of art? I feel like with your skillset it would be dope to see you
explore other stuff like illustration but why is graffiti so close to your heart?

Graffiti is the only art I’ve know growing up in Bridgeport, CT in the 90s. I saw so much growing up and it was this honest form of expression that I saw that inspired me to paint. I couldn’t imagine creating art with a keyboard, that would just keep me trapped in the matrix. Graffiti is my escape. My outlet.

5) You seem to be traveling quite a lot all over the states. What have you learned or seen that is different about different graffiti artists in different regions? For example, how would you compare the Atlanta and Miami scenes?

I’ve learned so much from traveling: culture, environment, perspectives, and how they shape who you ultimately become. Atlanta and Miami are very different scenes, so much is different it’s difficult to get into. I recommend everyone visit each for their own experience.

6) Who do you think is an underappreciated graff writer either alive or dead that deserves more recognition than they got?

I would say VET for sure. Vet for me is one of the last of his kind, he is a walking Time Machine. When I paint with him he reminds me what painting graffiti is all about His dedication is unmatched and for that, he deserves his flowers.

7) What’s your favorite documentary or book on graffiti history? Are there any specific moments in history that you would have loved to have been a witness to?

 I’ve always enjoyed watching all of the GTV tapes. It would have been cool to see Dondi paint a train.

8) What is your go-to music for when you are painting?

I like to listen to Latin and jazz when I paint but my main go to is Eric B & Rakim. 

9) Thanks again for taking the time out to chat, Any shoutouts you would like to give? Where can people follow you and purchase your work?

Yea I want to shout out to my family for always supporting me: Senia, Bubba, Jaylene, mango, Nan, Mom and Pops. You can follow me on my instagram at Revenge5000