Reves One, Mural Artist, Illustrator and long time writer based in London.

I like the word Neon Noir to describe my style, I love deep gritty contrasty look on things, but I clash it with vibrant colours and neon fluo touches.

It all started when I didn’t get selected to be represented at an illustration agency in London, for being to sombre and dark, I got feedback from a friend who was at that agency, and her spanish spirit told me to add more colours, so I did, while keeping the moody deep contrast I love. 

Graffiti wise, I grew up loving the MSK, loving the new school colour scheme from the Ironlak crew, the LoveLetters, the Weirds and watching a lot of Stompdown Killaz on Youtube inspired me to film a lot of what I paint in. I studied film, got into motion design so now I’m mixing a lot of the visual technology into my creations, with edits,  animation and augmented reality.

It all lead to me making more figurative portraits, but still dissected, glitched out, surrealist. On that side I’m more inspired by Tristan Eaton, Aykut Maykut and Koga One. The surrealism, the collage, the composition. 

What’s next for me is bigger better projects I’m doing as my Duo with Sidok called Efomural. We are doing murals for brands and spaces, indoors and outdoors. Trying to elevate it with painted cutout wood installations and Augmented Reality.

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