Whatup I write Reyone / Reys. I started writing in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1990 started EDK crew in Geneva. My first partners were KEAR (rip), SADE and TIMER.

In 1991 I moved to the USA ( Seattle and NYC ) until 2002, when I came back to Europe. My first graff infuences in Seattle were SEVERE RHD, originally from LA, and STACK 2ZC. In 1991 also in Seattle, I met CEZER NCW ,originally from Nyc , who became my mentor and teacher and schooled me on NYC style writing. In 1992 had my first visit to NYC, got to meet legends and had incredible times, thanx to CEZER again.

Back in Seattle, my crews were DVS and 2ZC. During the early 90’s, I built my style with my DVS crew ( my partners were SOUL (rip), SNEKE, HEWS, WENT, FEVER ).
Later on , I stayed and lived in Nyc (mostly in the Bronx for 5 years – until 2002 ).

Since 2002, been back in Switzerland, many travels and paintings etc… Schooled new youngsters that are now crewmates and on the level ( I always thought it was important to pass on the style to the next generation, like it was passed to me when I was a beginner – give back and pass on your knowledge, so the style can live / there is now 3 generations in my crew )…

Originally, my influences always have been the nyc subway era from the 70s and 80s stylewise. Crews such as TDS, TC5, CIA etc etc ( too many to name… ), then I get influenced from my crews , my partners, because we are on the same page and can build together stylewise. I keep my crews small ( we are only a few ), but everybody in it is a letter addict / technician and we all try to stay on the same level…

My motto is to try to take that NYC original style foundation, and push it my own way, therefore I sketch every day in order to always be on point stylewise, to have many variations in my style while keeping that traditional flavour. Style is like a never ending story: its never perfect and you have to practice and practice…It just never stops.

In our days, of course I also get influenced by many other writers and artists worldwide… (too many to name..)

As far as painting goes, I try to hit all supports : From streets to walls to trains to black book to canvases… Anything goes.

For me it’s very important to keep a balance in my graff, to be able to adapt on the spot, to be fast, clean and efficient. But the most important is to have fun !!!

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