I write RICKS from the BABES crew, originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, but now representing Denver, Colorado RICKS takes a few minutes to lay down his foundation. I actually starting trying to develop my handstyle back in 1989 In Aurora, Colorado. Nothing really serious at that time in my life., but I was always drawing and writing on anything and everything I could get my hands on. I was the only kid on my block who was really on that type of stuff, its wasn’t the “ cool thing” to do. It wasn’t until 1991 when I moved to Delray Beach, Florida I started to truly understanding the culture and the craft. I started to actually be around crews and cats that had the same mentality as me … so it came apparent real quick that this relationship was real. Ive stayed on the large scale mural game for a while and wanted to start getting my letter structure and game back on point.. So started hitting the streets again.. My homies TATSE and PULP put me down in the BABES crew. Same mentality.. It’s more than this graff thing. Its about a bond, its about family.. We actually give a shit about each other. We care about each other’s livelihood, about each other kids. Its unity.. Its different.. It feels different. Want to shout out the people who actually are elbow to elbow with me. .. Chris “ Birdman “ Andersen with out him not sure where I would be. TASTE, PULP, BABES crew, JALYN, ANNIE and my whole FAMILY

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