I write risk184, I’m from San Luis Potosi Mexico, I started tagging in 1996 with my soccer team friends, at that time I didn’t know it was graffiti, we were just trying to put our soccer team name up (fantasmas -ftms) everywhere around the neighborhood, it was all about tagging back then nothing serious, in 1998 I started to notice some tags, I mean real graffiti tags and hollow throw-ups from the first generation of writers around the city, then in 1999 I came up with the name “risk”, back then it was about picking a name that meant something, risk for me has a few meanings, the first one is “Real Inspiration Searching Knowledge”, the second is “Rayando Inumerables Superficies Kallejeras” that means painting a lot of surfaces illegally and last one risk like risk it, I was bombing around my neighborhood and surrounding areas, it was just street bombing, no abandoned places no underground graffiti..I started my crew HSK (Have Safely Kulture) (Humans Searching Knowledge) in 2000, I rep a few crews from my hometown 28k, Par, Rke, Rcp, W2R, The end.. I moved to the states in 2014, I’m based out of San Antonio TX, in 2018 I joined the TNR crew (Til Nothing Remains).. in 2019 I started a graffiti paint jam @riskitalljam, hosting over 70 artists, I change my style often from simple letters to the wild style, I do from tags to pieces, any size, any surface, I like the work from smug, Belin, odeith, macs, does, askew, aroe, revok, nekst to name a few… shout out to all real graffiti writers that do it for the love and passion

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