Hi my Name is Rism, I’m from Berlin, Germany. I started writing around 1991. My first contact with Graffiti was the Movie Beat Street, after that movie I started sketching and at the end of 1991 I did my first piece.

In 1992 we founded our Crew DNS / Devils Never Sleep a long time ago but we’re still friends and family. It’s more than a graffiti crew, it is our family.

Later I was also member of the legendary Berlin History Crew RMA with my idol from back in the Days FOK, he showed me what crew life is and that it is more than only graff. FOK droped so much burners in the 90´s. it was so inspiring for me I’m really thankful about.

Back in the days writers like ODEM PHOS SOME SHEK DANE RASTA POET later than RISK BASOK FOK PHIR they influenced the Berlin Style History. I can say that was the best time in my graff life because I have to learn by my self after looking at these burners. And in all the years I learn to create my own stuff but I never forget where it is from.

You have to realise that you need a simple letter as a framework that’s all but for the most guys in graff it is to much haha.

For me its important that everybody can read my letters. I don’t need some special gimmicks or effects. You only need style, that’s all, if you don’t have that you’re a toy.

You have to be realy ambitious and determinded and focused on your own stuff and not talking to much or something like that. Be yourself and the whole life is a learning experience.

In 2018 January we released our own DVD Devils Never Sleep it was our work to show what graffiti is for us and how we see Graffiti. It was hard work but we got 110 min of our Graffiti love since 1991.

Last WORDS much respect to my CREW and all friends they paint and walk with us since Day ONE.

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