My Graffiti name is RIZ(S)OT(E) 

I started tagging in the late 90’s.

I adopted the name RISOTE in 2003.

I was living in Australia for the past few years, but I’ve just packed my stuff again to continue exploring new countries I’ve never visited. So at the moment, I’m not really based anywhere, but somewhere between Oceania and Asia.

I really like the style of a lot of writers but no one in particular. I actually think every writer, even a “toy”, has got something interesting with their style. But what I really admire in a writer is when they’ve got perseverance. No matter the life choices they take to keep writing: selling canvases, tattooing, shop lifting or working in a supermarket. That’s what I admire, the perseverance despite all the trouble graffiti can bring. That is Art.

So what I enjoy to see is a faded OKER throw up in Sydney, a yellowed BNE sticker in Bangkok, a MQ scratch on a vending machine in Tokyo or a MALVO silver tag on a pole in Panama city, for example…

My style is constantly experimental. I like creating pieces I haven’t seen before. My style is also influenced by the factor that I like to paint fast.

I enjoy tagging. I like to travel and just tag.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the shapes of my signatures, and see what I can do using distortion, perspective, duplication etc…

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