I’m Rload, from México, city of Guadalajara, I stared, I think in 1997 – 1998, painting tags, after that, I started with my homie in crime below making bombs and a few pieces, in 2003 – 2004 I travelled to San Jose California ( Bay area ) and I was living in San jo around 5 or 6 years. So, I learned a lot about Cali style I was lucky, that was so exciting for me because I knew a lot of new writers with hard styles.

I work a lot with the style, for me is the most important graffiti rule.
I like writers style like, Natural gl, Crete dtc, Asoter kog, Goser emt, Searius osh, Kuetes, Hindue i can’t remember many more.

I really like the trains life, in my city is really hard to found a good trains spot, so i usually paint walls and some bombs,

Respect to all writers.

R load ( Eyos crew )

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