I´m Round (Tmf, Raw Deal), born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. At the age of six, I was caught scratching my neighbors freshly black painted backyard fence, cause I was not invited inside to play with the other kids of the neighborhood. Possibly for that reason, I still love white tags and throws on a black surface. In 1988 I did my first piece but actually didn´t know shit about the culture at the time. I consider my ”career” starting in 1993 when I painted my first Round – pieces. After that, I´ve never stopped. Before 93´ i had few other tags to play with, mostly bombing, destroying and getting graff-wise. New York´s influence in my own style can not be ignored. I´ll never stop wondering how Dondi, Kase2, Seen, etc. managed to pull off so much flavor and funk in their letters, 40-50 years ago. Still, to date, they beat the shit out of 95% of current writers worldwide. I´m a letterhead if you will. The basic structure of my letters has to be well organized and if not, they can´t be covered and hidden with 20 colors with multiple highlights (don´t get me wrong, sometimes I like to paint with many colors as well). I like to think that if you can´t do it in chrome and black without looking stupid, don´t do it at all. Letters hail for a swing in order to look good in my opinion. I also think it´s not a necessity to have the cleanest lines if you have a good style. Besides letter style, it´s important for me that you´re able to paint fast if needed. I´ve always been a fan of comics, as far as I remember. Therefore I like to add characters in my pieces from time to time. There are so many good writers on this planet, whose style and attitude I like, that it would be absolutely impossible for me to name just a few. Let´s just say, I like people who are good at style writing and people who simultaneously keep their feet on the ground and mind in their social surroundings to create positive vibes, instead of being a dick. Thanks for having me, Bombing Science!

Check out more of Rounds work on his Instagram:@roundtmf