Hy my name is Rowen, I grew up in a small town near Bern, the capital of Switzerland. I started to paint Graffiti in 2015 in my backyard but it took me a lot of time probably 1 year to go out and paint because I knew nothing about the rules and stuff, I just loved to paint letters. For the first 4 years I painted Chan, but then in 2019, I switched to Rowen because I didn’t like the letters of Chan anymore. For about one year now I’m painting for the CPG Crew we are a bunch of young artists all based near Bern, who loves Graffiti and all the Beautiful Things around it.

My style is kind of antique I think, for me, the style of the letters is the most important thing, the piece should watch nice even when it’s only Chrome and black.

I would say it’s kind of a semi wildstyle but for me, every style is various you can’t just name them in a few words. I’m happy about my Graffitis when they are cleanly painted and if the colors match together it’s the icing on the cake. I don’t care much about proper color concept bevor going to the wall.

In my beginnings, I was very inspired by the local artists Mower from Switzerland but also from Dejoe(Germany) and Asmoe(Indonesia)

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