My name is Roye. I am originally from the state of Querétaro México. I have been painting graffiti since 2006 and I belong to the 217 and igm crews.

My style is born from a constant search for my own identity, playing and experimenting in earlier years with styles such as “3d”, “Lettering”, “character”, and “bombs” or “throw ups”. I begin to delve into the Structures of “Wild Style” and it is how I finally begin to feel an advance and connection with my pieces.

I can say that I have thousands of influences in my work but if anyone considered a real inspiration to start experimenting in wild style it was the MSK crew, especially Rime, Sever, Retna, Revok, Ewok and Saber.

I’m a fan of metal music, especially black and death metal, I usually paint listening bands like “Napalm Death” and “Demilich” it’s good to do “wild style” and relax haha.

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