I’ve been writing seriously for right around 10 years.  I’ve moved around North America a lot in my life so it’s hard to name a place that I’m really based out of.  I’ve been influenced by tons of regional styles, mainly the Midwest and the Northwest.  Growing up, I had access to a stack of graffiti magazines from the mid 90’s, which became the basis for what I wanted to do.  I try to keep alive certain aspects of old school styles that really fuelled my love for graffiti towards the beginning.  That said, there’s still a lot of graffiti that I like being done today, which brushes off on me to some extent.  I try to keep things moving, and keep my style evolving constantly by stepping out of my comfort zone and thinking on paper throughout the day.  I try to stay well versed between bombing, piecing, etc.  Much love to my friends and all the good folks I’ve been lucky enough to meet doing this.

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