I write RUSTE and I started writing in 2000 then stopped in 2005 and started writing again in 2010 and have been going hard ever since. 

I was born in Boston but ended up moving to Hartford CT where I linked up with Reo who showed me a lot of technical aspects, and put me down with HI Crew, which stands for High Impact. I’ve since linked up with Kem5 who turned me on to doing giant chromes, and has helped push me to always bring it to the next level. Also his partner Geser keeps me motivated always trying to make me think outside the box. 

When doing the big chromes I keep the style very basic with legible letters. Even my piecing I like to keep it somewhat legible, which is characteristic of New England style graffiti. I try and learn something new from every writer I meet to keep things fresh. 

I’d like to give a shoutout to my crew mates from HI CREW along with Helz UW, Kem and Ges 3A, Ewok MSK, Remote, Kemo FUA, EPK and FUE WKS, and everyone else who’s helped me along the way. 

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