Rymds – I’ve been into graffiti since Around – 99 and began style writing 2014…. Based in Stockholm and represent cas, uff & nhk crews. I’ve been working with stuff around graffiti, like events commissions, etc.. but since I got my daughter its all about spraying my own things.

For the past 2 years, I’ve had the privilege to be supported by Flame Paint Sweden with all my sprays, so they’ve been a big part of my progress.

I try to keep it simple with funky lettering, advanced with flaring and spray techniques. I love colors and creating motion relying on the can control.

I’d rather put the effort in the background than cutting lines and do time-taking 3D’s

One inspirational memory is from 2011, at splash festival. There, me, hes crew, and some friends were at this thing and I saw CAN2 painting a color burner with mixed line colors and fill in… that was the best piece I’ve ever seen. I didn’t really paint so much at that time, but I promised myself that I really want to do something like that in my lifetime, it was so impressive!

I gave it a try in 2014 but totally failed… Now 2020 I’ve started to get a grip on it but I have a long way to go… for me, he is one of the best.

But Pnutz, Rico79, vodka, gouge, kid kash, hetus , kiss, zeus & rime is a few guys of a longer list that are also inspiring me right now.. all in their specific way…

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