RYOS – I started sketching in the late 90’s and starting paint a few months after.
I’m based in Lausanne Switzerland but I’ve been travelling and painting a lot abroad.
My style and my life is super influence by the early age of hiphop in the bronx. I m super active in the bboy scene and I also MC in a lot of breaking battles and I use to Dj in a Club in Lausanne.. so yeah, my style of grafftiti is straight up NYC influence. I try to make it modern with cool color combo and effects. My goal is to do some brand new oldschool🤘Electro rock style

I usually paint in a hurry (90min max) because of my family schedule and almost always add a character to make it kool. I hate to paint in the hall of fame and I usually try to get virgin walls around my neighbourhood. My goal is to change my environment to live in my own reality. Every day I see 20 pieces of mine in a 7min scooter ride to my work and I fucking love it🤙.
I think its important to try new things too involved so usually I go with a bag of cans then I have to improvise on the spot to try new stuff…it s not always good but every time a learn something.
I love to paint abroad in a third world country with shitty cans.😅
I like many writers starting with my own crew but if I need to name other people it would be writers I have chill with or paint with (Jurne, Tones, Mast,Druid, Heis, opium, Zeus, Rota, Dmote …and many others)
My goal is to do bigger murals now and maybe do arty hiphop stuff on it

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