My name is SAEZ ROC 87, I live in the city of Bordeaux for 10 years, a city where life is good. There is the ocean and some walls to paint!

I practice graffiti for a little 20 years.. I started at the age of 15 / 16 at school with peers.

I am a native of the island of Guadeloupe, the west indies!! This is where I started my interest in rap, hip hop, and art!

I am a big fan of the school of the letter and the master pant, artists like DMOTE, CES, JURNE, YES, and you and others.

I’m also inspired by friends with whom I often paint even if they do not have the same style, the vibe of the moment, the hummer of the day! 🙂

My style and the result of many years drawing, looking for the right combinations between letters.

I often go to paint with a single letter to draw on a piece of paper … that’s enough for me to build my graffiti! I like to get to a wall and have this freestyle side.

My mates often recognize me as a colorist, I like to play with the colors, to tan the combination impossible, and often it works!

A successful graffiti for me is beautiful work with flow, explosive and big joint !!

A big up to my brothers, THE FRESH PAINTS and my crew FINAL FLASH and THE STRANGERS, all those with whom I enjoy painting and laughing in front of a wall !!!

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