I’ve been writing SAGER since 2017, but before that were nothing but random tags, nothing special just an average toy.

I’m based out of Bakersfield, California, been here for as long I can remember.

Early on around 2010, I looked up to big names like REVOK, AUGOR, SABER from MSK AWR, and throughout my city, I also looked up to MELT VOK, and OGAS. These guys were all a part of my development. Around 2020 is when I started meeting special writers like SWEAR ANT and BUGE BAMC, and to this day they’re still teaching me new things. SWEAR on freights and BUGE in the streets. And there’s many other writers I could name who’ve been a huge inspiration to me.

My style is a bit of everything I know, but I would describe it as like a CRAB or SCORPION. Sometimes it’s smooth and sometimes it’s rough. Other times it’s completely different. I like experimenting with different styles and techniques.

As an artist, I want to consistently grow and learn new things. I’ve recently taken an interest in nature realism, @AerosolKingdom (Justin Suarez) has been my main inspiration in that field. Lately, I’ve been doing commissions around my city, and everything I’ve done so far, I painted for the first time. So it’s all been very new to me, naturally, I made many mistakes. But I’ll go over it again and again til I’m satisfied with my creation. And even then I’m my own biggest critic, I’ll point out to myself all the things I could’ve done differently. Haha. That’s just how it is for me, I want to be the best I can I be.

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