I’m SAO2971 / SAONE, I have been writing since 1998 and writing SAONE for about 10 yrs now.

I come from the City Of BREST in FRANCE where I first discovered Graffiti as a Kid. A Big HIP-HOP Fan (All elements Included) I’m also a Beat Maker (1/2 Of SOULR!GHT Music). I now live in the small island of Jersey (UK Channel Islands)
When I started, my biggest influences were BANDO, MODE2, TATS CRU-MAC Crew (Mort Aux Cons)-156 Allstarz, C29-T?C-H2R (From Brest), and more. These days it’s MIEDO12-STARE-ROICE183-ASEND-TASTE-MAST-MITES-TIZER-TONES EDK to name a few…

I would describe my style as Traditional semi wildstyle most of the time. Letters first, I try and do a little bit of everything, from Bboy characters, to backgrounds and portraits and mostly legal work.

I like to take my time and spray something better each time if I can.

Shouts to all my crews:
and anyone else I might have forgotten…

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