I started writing 10 years ago in Montreal, Quebec.

GK crew since 2011.

I look up to and bite Jaker, Topsie, Durs, Pup, Sueme, Zoner, Glare. My friends are the best.

I’ve always found the east to have my favorite/strongest letters.. Growing up watching Scan/Zek/Stare/Castro/NMEcrew/Adek/Nekst..etc do crazy pieces/burners/spots, huge or small, illegal or legal, the letters were never sacrificed for size, or quickness… Simple straight and funked out bars, with an emphasis on structure and balance. When moving, I found that the more west you would go, the more “Nasty” “Mean” letters got, I liked this alot. There is a certain confidence that comes with a well done west coast burner that I really admire.  I feel that there has been some influence from the west in my sprays. That said, I’d always felt like Ide lean more towards the east coast style that I grew up seeing.

In 10 years I have done my best to have fun, be consistent and only paint trains. I want every burner/throw to be seen by my friends abroad, family and colleagues rolling around the continent. 

My style varies but remains, I do not sketch anymore and my progress comes in waves. 80% Rusto, 20% Montana. Layout Art Supply.

If you’re new (no shame in that), sketch a ton, paper before everything. You will not regret it down the line. Work on your straight letter before your piece. 

Do what makes you happy, balance is everything. 

Paint more if you can. 

Always be nice.

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