Hello everyone, I’m Saves, currently, I live in Madrid (Spain). My attraction to graffiti comes from far away. When I was little, I used to walk my dog ​​through an abandoned mansion near where I lived, this was a place frequented by graffiti artists. I used to go there every day and I was amazed by the murals and pieces that were appearing. Little by little I got to know them. I would have been about 11 years old and I did not paint with them, although I was already beginning to do my first signatures. (Actually, the first signatures that I remember were in the school bathroom at 9 years old with some Edding next to Zaseh, I suppose it is something that all children of that age do hahaha). My first pieces was at 11 years old, together with my GFC crew, which I am happy to still be apart of til this day., I went out with my friends on weekends at night to bomb the streets. Silver always dominated over any other color. I find it hard to give concrete examples of artist that inspire me since every day I discover new incredible graffiti artists, in addition to my taste changing at amazing speeds hahaha. Wios, Zaseh, Basto, Wist … friends of my Ulitza crew, they are the ones with whom I share all this, they are the ones who motivate and accompany me almost always. Well known, my favorite artists are Does, Saturno, Kems, Sofles, Revok, Ramz, Aches, Insane … to name a few. It was hard for me to find a style with which I feel comfortable. To this day I can say that it is quite defined. I like to leave the original lines of the strokes, play with the flow of the hand, like when you make a sketch with a pen, it is the essence of my graffiti, I try to see all the lines highlighting some more than others, I also tend to play a lot with the glitters, although what has caught me the most is the florescent colors hahaha, I think they give a special light to everything. Arrows, bars, and stars are elements that I have always liked and try to incorporate. It is like something aggressive but at the same time bright and round, I do not know if I mean hahaha. I call it Neowild.

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