SAVIE is the name, Graffiti is the game…Living and based in Holland. 
As a young kid in the mid-eighties, I saw the movie “Stylewars” from Henry Chalfant… It blew my mind…and changed my life. I bought markers and cans and started this adventure. First tagging, and step by step throw-ups and later pieces. At that time, we didn’t have the Internet (if can you imagine 😉 so it was really hard to find or get in contact with other writers, So the first years it was quite a solo journey…(I think that’s also the reason that I still like to work alone 🙂 So, my inspiration was coming from the NYC old-school period, (what you still can find in my work.)Stylewriters like DONDI, PHASE2, T-KID and SEEN inspired me at that time and it’s still a part of my inspiration. When I find on the internet some unseen work from that period it still makes me happy! In Holland, during the ’90s the graffiti hotspot was Amsterdam, where you could find crazy nice stuff on the walls from BANDO, SHOE, MODE2, and DELTA. (CTK USA) these guys were full in the game. Around 95 I joined the DOA Crew, with Crewmates MORON, TETRIS, RIGS, HEAT, INMATE, JACK and DEUS. at that time we were hardcore bombers, and every week we catch up to do some walls…Trains.. anything!25 years later… and we’re still friends. About my art, I really like to work big… big letters clean and readable. I love to work with a “bar” below my letters, it looks like its carry my name..Working big and to get that big bar “straight” is sometimes a hell of a job, especially when it’s a flat wall, and no brick or grout can help you out… that sucks sometimes. When I was painting yesterday I heard some people say about my work “it’s old-school but dipped in a funky fresh sauce” hahaha…Find below some of my work and judge by yourself.

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