Born in 1978 in Paris Region, self-taught, he got his first steps in the “WritingMovement” in about 1992 to writing KIAO then STORM with the CBR Crew influenced by his middleSchool’s friends without understanding really this movement. He finished by writing SAWER (name of an English’s player of the game “KickOff2″…just old people know maybe that!! Lol 😉 who he played at that moment, the connotation with the verb “to see” or rather “Saw” and especially for the chain of letters!!!
Then in about 1999-2000, while following he’s studies at the high school “PabloPicasso” option “Art” in Paris Region, he took certain taste for “UrbanAtmosphere”, practising skateboard in the streets of the french’s Capital and became very active, in particular with his childhood friends DAZER and DUSTER of 132 Crew.
At that time, he discovered the “MAC’s Crew ground”, realizing the famous wall “The 3th Millenium”…
He fell in love and really dedicated himself to this discipline and its become a passion.
Since more 15 years the writer SAWER, thanks to its multiple meeting and travel, refine and developed his style and his technique beside the biggest names such as: Shadow(fr),Belin,Otes(es),Smug(gb),Does,Nash(nl),Smash137,Atom,Bates(de),Ces(nyc),Risk(la),Suiko(jp)…

“I started Graffiti with some reference about some guys who painted around me and some french’s fanzine. There’s not social reseau!
I like wildstyle with some good vibes an letters and an general aspect, with nice effect and clean. With charac- ter is the best!!!
I like paint with some friends and good guys for good vibes and relation!
This is my Graffiti’s Spirit! but i take a lot of pleasure to paint alone… to come face to face with oneself.
Not having a crew forced me to paint my Letters Piece, background and characters too.
I like the crew’s who paint with coherente composition, organise about the background, the colors, the cha- racters… like FX crew, TATS crew, LoveLetters, The7thLetter… to long to cite them all here!.”

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