I write Sawr and represent DNW crew , I am from Gatineau/Ottawa , Qc , Canada .I began drawing at a young age and was always creative but I really started writing in 2008. (Sour at that time) I was mostly inspired by the Montreal graffiti scene (shoutout to Mooklife). Listening to videos like Wreckognition by Patrick O’Connor. Writer’s that really got my attention at the beginning we’re Scan , Zek , Killa-Ef , Stare and so many more .. a lot of people from my city too like Cred-k , Striker 156 , Dre7 , Moloko ! To be honest, I don’t really know how to define my style. I’m asking people to define my style in the comments because I really have no idea! ? Classic Maybe? I’ve always been impressed by 3D graffiti but that’s not my thing. I love really sharp, straight lines and contrasting colors. (Chrome and black is my favorite) I had no Idea that graffiti would have so much impact on my life and that I would be able to spray paint for a living when I started. Anything is possible !! ??
Thank you for having me featured! I really appreciate it! 

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