Year by year I’m hooked up on making joiners with other writers not just crewmates. My opinion that times was perfect to talk, think and do different pieces like before because if you want to make a perfect joiner you need to be a little bit friendly and do your thing like a chameleon. I’m really interested to do joiners more and more because it’s helps a lot and way better than painting alone. 
Thats why i made this serial “Science of Joiners” to show that’s the best way to practice and think differently than usual. 

2 years ago i met a guy, his name is Racr he is young and new generation writer from Budapest. At the first time when we met talked lot about science of joiners. It was super to found another people who loves the perfect joiners, same color concept walls like me. 
We started to paint together this line joiners in summer winter don’t give a fuck to the weather we just motivated to do the next wall. Give him a follow because he developed more than the other young ones in Hungary now the next talent of hungarian graff scene. 

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