• I write Scribl TGF KGB, I’m from Sydney Australia 
  • Have been writing graffiti since 2010
  • Over time I have been influenced by many writers from both Sydney and overseas, but mostly locally based.
  • I think my style is kind of Sydney with a bit of a twist perhaps, to be honest never really looked at my style and tried to figure out how I’ve gotten to this point with it. Although if I had to put it down to something, it would be trying to not replicate the same outline too many times. Not that there is anything wrong with perfecting one, but changing letters around and experimenting with them i find prevents boredom and helps you to learn.
  • I admire the styles of a lot of different writers, i think mostly for some variety. Everyone going for the same look gets a little bit played out in my opinion. A few of the artists i like are Jiesk, Ready, Mach, Sailor, Cekios, Sofles, Phibs, Skream, Poison, Akuze, Ceser, Mser.

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