Yo, I Am SEAMS, from the EYP, SOE familia’s nation wide. I Have been writing now since 07, I was born in Darwin Australia, a place with a relatively small, very localized graff and hip hop scene . Hard to say who or what influences my style because it has got a lot to do with how I’m feeling on that day. I try to find my influences from just basically digging around to see who’s doing what and how, my early influences and the people i looked up to a where few of the local kings mostly when starting out. Writers and crews UNCLE, (MOC.TMK) and TIKLS, (MOC.TMK) for paving the way for the next gen of young painters such as myself. Also dudes like HEME, (ID.RG.SOE) for dropping me in and schooling me backwhen. Also writers from the ironlak team from back in the day had a lot to do with the evolution of my style, there’s too many to name yaz should know em’ all anyway. The Sydeny funk also plays a big part in what i like to paint now days, sometimes i like to keep it simple with what i paint now rather than the complex wildstyles i used to practice, not to say i won’t breakout the computer rock on ’em, on some camouflaged funk! Stay true to ya’selfs and your art and you are bound to have fun doing it. Piece out, stay up, stay happy!

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