Although Canadian and currently based out of Saskatoon, I was born in the Netherlands. I spent the first decade of my life living in a bus on the road travelling all over Europe before moving to Canada in 1997.

The lack of TV and video games created a childhood that was full of art, from copying pictures out of books to drawing landscapes and making up all kinds of imaginary scenes on paper.

 The first time graffiti really caught my eye was in the early 2000’s on a summer trip to return to Europe. The highway sound walls were covered with pieces. I was absorbed in bombs and tags for hours of driving from Amsterdam to our destination. This truly captivated me and as soon as I arrived I started writing my name and shortly after, around 2004 began experimenting with paint.  After learning more about the graffiti scene I started to research and look more closely at other artists. SABER MSK AWR quickly became my favourite. His wild style heavily influenced my earlier years and while I should have started out mastering simple letters I always tried my hardest to be as wild as possible. 

A few of my favourite writers off the top of my head these days are TOTEM2, GESER, KEMS, BACON, KWEST, ASMOE, ZEK, FLUKE, MONK-E, DOES LL, BOND, EL MAC… the list goes on and on.

As far as my graffiti direction goes these days the main thing I strive for is diversity. While sometimes envious of the ease and comfort of being able to reproduce the same piece over and over I love to stretch my letters into different forms and try new things which makes for a struggle and a lot of frustration most times I paint, but I wouldn’t feel I was growing as an artist without it. 

I would like to give a shout out to my main man in the can game SIRVIS, to my local YGW brothers, all my ZINC NITE CREW fam out there world wide!

And last but not least to Bombing science for reaching out.


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