Hello, my name is “SEMOR the mad one” and I started doing graffiti in 1994. When I was a kid I wrote with chalk in my room. I wrote letters in different styles on the wall, but I didn’t have the faintest idea it was called graffiti. I got my name from The Simpsons, Barts principal’s name is Seymor Skinner… I like the sound of the name, so I changed the letters into “SEMOR” and have since been painting that name. I’m based in Cologne (Köln, Germany). I’m part of the “DHS”-crew (Drunken Heroes) and the “Cops”-crew. I paint a lot with my crewmate POUT, we both like the same way of how a wall should look like or how to combine several colours. It’s always fun to combine crazy colour combinations. I’m a big fan of the works of my man Kkade (Schwarzmaler-Crew) or Random-EXP. (TheCertains), but I also like the experimental works by Quintessenz, TheTopNotch or Misous. My style is influenced by graphic elements, several layers and forms. I love to try new things. It’s refreshing to change your style and pushing yourself forward. “Love what you do and do what you love!”

SEMOR’s Pics

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