Yo Serio here, so to take the classic interest or questions first…

Been painting actively for about 13 years now, but been in the making some tags constantly and painting a piece once in a while for about 22 years, but doesnt count… Been with my name since 13 years, fuck time flies fast….

I think my style comes from so many corners of the earth since i have a passion and interest of seeing what other people are doing and iv always took photos of others peoples work back in the day and studied them and as well with the era of internet and social media constantly finding influence of other styles and writers across the globe. Im originally a street bomber and was very late with hitting trains but got a complete addiction and passion for trains around 2016.
Im still active on all fronts as much as I can but trains are my main focus. I think that for me the best kind of writer and what in my eyes is a king is a “all city person” from streets, rooftops. murals, trains, tunnels you name it.

Ofc you always have favorite writers and styles and i have a few that are friends that i admire for their style and letter combos but i think most importantly for me is when i meet people that iv admired in style and passion for a while and i notice that they are the most friendly, humble, funny and great people to be around and you find an amazing click together no matter where you from. This kind of “style” is what gets me to keep going and push the limits of myself and the game.

Keep pushing the game, stay humble to one another, teach the next generation and ease of the hate…. lets make this shit happen!!

Peace out!

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