Artist: SetOne / Set1st.

Location: Sydney, Australia.

How long have you been writing? : I have been actively writing this name for around 20 years now.

Tell us a bit about your Style / Influences :

I would say that I have probably taken most influence from Sydney based Graffiti writers (far too many to mention). There are many great graffiti writers in Sydney (and Australia wide for that matter) and I have been lucky enough to paint with many of the people and pioneers of the OZ graff scene that I looked up to when I was younger. The Sydney scene can be a pretty violent and competitive at times, but there has always been many writers innovating and pushing the boundaries and therefore providing motivation to get out and paint!
I always looked up to the writers that were versatile- People that could hold it down with a nice piece, decent handstyle, decent throwup and most importantly, who got up!
These days I take influence from writers in many parts of the globe. Its hard not to feel motivated when there is so much incredible stuff being produced on the daily.
Big up to my friends and crews and all the writers out there pushing things forward.

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