Hi. My name is SEWER and I come from Würzburg in Germany. I first came into contact with graffiti in the early nineties, when Hip Hop was quite a big thing in Germany. I write SEWER since 1996 and I am part of the HPZ-CREW besides NEK, MONKEY, CANZ31 and BEAM. As a kid of the nineties I was taught that it is all about style and not about fashion. So I try to set the focus on outlines first. Filling, effects and designs then follow the shape of the letters. In the sense of this quite traditional way of stylewriting, I see myself on a never ending quest for the essence of style, the letters´ characteristics. When you create stuff, you also always put a part of your very own personality into it. Creating things is also an expression of your very own personality. Therefore I see in my pieces also a mirror of my environment, my feelings and my soul. Analyzing my style you will find out how and who I am. Regarding the graffiti scene, I surely have certain preferences or writers whose pieces I particularly value. Nevertheless, I appreciate the work of anybody as long as they are designed with dedication and stand for originality. I have no special preferences in oldschool, newschool, wildstyle, simplestyle, bombings, trains, murals or what ever. Mainly I create walls, but lately I have developed a special predilection for sketches. But no matter what medium you express yourself on, it is always about style, because that is the essence of our culture.

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