My artist name is Seyer, I’m based in London and have been writing for around 16 years.

Graffiti is an interesting art form, it encapsulates such a wide array of ideals, styles and applications that can be very contrasting in their nature but do all fit under the umbrella term of graffiti. For me, I rate taking taking shapes – letters and then bending and twisting them but also creating layers of form upon those shapes, and then using colour and contrast, all to try and create some sense of awe. Predominantly I piece but also have found fulfillment from hand styles and the odd throwie, with my pieces I usually dive into a style for a couple of years, then ditch it for something else when I’m bored of it. At the moment the style I’m going for is readable but wild, I’m enjoying mixing long swooping curves with sharp edges and I generally like the way it looks. When it comes to inspiration‚Ķ.where do you even start, throughout the years I have been inspired by so many artists that’s a list you don’t want me to start. I’m always being inspired by the people that I paint with and see the work of regularly, the members in my crews A51 and IFS and other locals like Driper and Ekto drop constant burners, otherwise, Syck, Geser, Asmoe, Mobar, there’s just too many people churning out burners to mention. Also when it comes to inspiration it would be damned rude not to shout out the sacred plants haha.

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