I have been drawing since 2003, In Kiev, Ukraine.
At first he wrote abe, and a friend suggested writing shaba, saying that if you read it back, you will Ebash (in our language, like “fuck + do it”)
I have been doing calligraphy and lettering for a long time, worked as a calligraphy teacher at an art school, and now I am an asset drawing fonts. I really like the 8-bit dandy prefix and I play it now, and it inspired me to create 8-bit lettering. I like to achieve perfect shapes, sometimes I play with tags in fillings, almost all of my pieces are tightly limited to the budget, and I use cheap paint to cover the roofs)) now it’s interesting to write different words that incite people to different thoughts, since graffiti has become a mouthpiece for me and the mirror of my inner world.
For example, we did one work from campaigning for the mayoral elections in Kiev and on election day we doused everything with gasoline and set it on fire, we call this day “the day of silence” when any campaigning is prohibited, with this work we wanted to show that the words of these people are ashes. You can watch it here

Now I am preparing my exhibition of canvases and drawing pieces in parallel, I painted in such countries as Spain France Lithuania Latvia Greece Turkey Russia Thailand Czech Republic Slovakia Austria Lebanon and of course Ukraine. Peace for everyone.

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