I’ve been writing since 2002. About 17 years.

I’m from the Twin Cities (Saint Paul and Minneapolis), which is where I’m currently based. I’ve also lived in Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia, and have been influenced a lot by those places.

Right now my influences are all over the place. I look at lots of images from Science and science fiction, Earth shit, Futurism, ancient symbols and patterns, early computer art, Art Deco, corporate art, everything thats in abandoned buildings, industrial electrical equipment, blueprints and technical drawings, infographics, the weird aesthetics of the consumer landscape, and lots of artwork in general. I try to go to museums and stare at shit as much as possible. And just be generally observant of the world around me. 

As far as graffiti goes right now I’m really feeling TGE crew, PAL crew from Paris, lots of European train graffiti, and I’m always 100% heavily influenced by my friends and crewmates in U.C. and TCI.


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