My name is Shuen and I am a part of STBcrew & ZNCrew.
I am from Kavala a beautiful small city in the north part of Greece.
I’ve been painting letters since 1998, I painted only illegally until 2005 but then because of my profession and some problems with the law I decided to stop “bombing” and started painting only legal walls, abandoned places and traveling a lot for graff festivals. I just doing graffiti because I love & enjoy this…and through graffiti I have traveled a lot and have made friends from all over the world! As for my style, i have always wanted to do letters such as wildstyles, bubbles, simple blocks, but always with my style & clear outlines! A big respect to my Greek fellas Jasone & Dee71 who have been offer too many on Greek grafiti scene and i really admire everyone who has unique style and painting with passion.
Much love to my wife & my daughter for their patience!

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