My name is Siek – PA, KTS, GAK, PFE. I caught my first tag in 1990 in North Jersey, caught the bug, and never stopped. For me, it’s about progression. I feel that if I’m not trying new things and continuing to grow then I might as well stop painting. A lot of writers get stuck in one groove and stay with it. I’m not knocking that but I personally need to move forward. There’s nothing like trying different color combos, letter styles, or designs and pulling it off. Graff gives me the opportunity to create something from nothing and feel rewarded that I accomplished it. Sometimes it can feel like work but in the end it’s always worth it.

I’ve moved around a lot and spent a long time in New York but I now call Baltimore home. I am into coming off with fresh color combos and painting clean. I’ve partnered with a bunch of writers over the years like Sest, SMK, and Clark-FlyID. Right now Daver and I are putting in a lot of work. I like painting with him because we are on a similar level and still learn from each other when painting even after all this time. It’s crazy when I think about how long I’ve been writing. I’m planning to stay in the game as long as I can so don’t expect me to be falling off any time soon.

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