Sight BA BSM is testing the Flame Paint!

"My experience with the brand was a very good one from start to finish. My paint arrived in one day after my order was processed which was great. I ordered the following colours – Melon yellow. Aubergine. Currant. Denim blue pastel. Lagoon blue. Kiwi dark. Turquoise. Terracotta grey pastel. Terracotta grey 


A random selection of colors but I am known for my strange and unusual color schemes, so I feel like I can make almost any combo work. 
9 cans wasn't quite enough for the size of wall I wanted to paint so I had to include another 10 or so cans of other brands of paint but I made sure the piece was mostly done with the Flame brand of paint. I used the kiwi, lagoon blue, and turquoise in the fill. And all the colors covered very well over a black primed glossy wall. The paint covered a large area per can solidly also I noticed as I filled it in.

My box of paint arrived with a bunch of the blue dot caps which I also found to work well on the flame cans. A little larger output than a thin so it's kind of like a little less than a newYork fat cap. The melon yellow is what I did my first outline with. For a yellow going on over a black primed wall it went on quite thick also which is rare in almost all yellows. I used the 2 grey tones for my 3d and outlined in the can of currant. One can of currant outlined a piece on a15 foot wall x 8 feet tall,which I was surprised at as I would have thought it would take 2 cans of paint to outline a long stretched out piece of that size.

I had a great day at one of my favorite spots in toronto to paint and was done in about 7 hrs but I took my time and walked away from it pretty stoked. Overall I would definitely use this brand again at any time and will be using it in the future. I would love to paint a train with with this brand as that is my ultimate test for spray paint. Id like to see how it covers on steel and boxcars and rust and ridges etc. I'm sure given the way it covers flat and solidly it would be real nice applied to a steel surface.

In short, I'm impressed with the flat coverage, good control,low pressure and range of colors. It was a pleasure. How about a sponsorship? Haha. Fully endorsed by