Since my 2018 genesis, a span of 5 years in the realm of graffiti, I still dwell in the infancy of this clandestine subculture, hailing from the fragile city that sparked the rise of 80s Satanic Panic.

In the shadows, I find my style muse: my brethren in the craft—LXR, Ibis, Phere; BTR, Baer, Riots; and my hometown elusive heros Hype, Theme, and Ghost IBC, whom have cast their mystical influence on me. Others who weave their work into my tapestry of stylistic killers include Savie, Lucifer, Mosa, Mune, and Eman, just to name a few.

Sigil, my chosen script, intrinsic to graffiti’s essence, manifests as a conduit of creative force and annihilation. Pictorial incantations upon surfaces, a quest for self-indulgence and notoriety—a magnum opus, one burner after another.

Within the sanctum of my crew, LXR, we invoke the “LeXical Ritual.” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God; a trinity—Father, Son, and Spirit—each offering their essence to the graffiti alchemy, birthing linguistic landscapes of our Living Word.

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