Hi, I’m Siker and I’m a member of Calavers crew (Mexico) and 109S crew (Colombia).
I’m based in Mexico City and I’ve been writing Graffiti since 1999.

My work is mostly based on wild style, I believe that this is a complex style that requires a lot of work, dedication, and originality, beyond any color or effects used in graffiti practice. I like shaping the letters, for me it’s the most important element of the wild style piece. I’m not saying that the color and effects don’t have value or recognition, but I repeat, the shape and form of letters is fundamental to produce a wildstyle.

Being in contact with the real world is a way of inspiration in my Graffiti. I love seeing and watching everything: from a building to a simple bit of trash on the floor, everything can show you something new.

These days there are a lot of outstanding Graffiti writers all over the world. For me, the work of people like Chas, Does, Asmoe, Kets, Revok, Meats, Mad-c, Skore79, Miedo, Treze, Dare, Merlot, Kies, Ces, Trace, Totem, Raws, among others inspires me to keep getting better in my own work. Regardless wildstyle is my favorite graffiti style, I also appreciate bombing, tagging and 3D’s. I believe that a graffiti writer must nurture with all kinds of styles.

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