Yo, wassup.

This is Since representing the IMKrew from Santa Ana, Southern Cali.

First and foremost shout out to Bombing Science for linking up with me. Also, shout out to the OG since btc from the east coast; before anyone gets the wrong idea, the man himself gave me props and told me to keep spraying, so…yea.

The first time I ever considered graffiti was when I saw an Atlas Cbs freeway hanger, it was either the 101 or 110, back in like early 2006, that occasion sparked my creative interest for graffiti. I got my name from the Spanish word “sincero”, sincere in English. But for short I go by Since.

My journey started with some homies who I would skate with. We would post up in an alley on the corner of McFadden and Sullivan in westside Santa Ana, one of the few spots around the block that wasn’t claimed by a hood. The homie Eps, 2late, Fuer, Gigs, Osin, Core, and a couple of others started the Infinite Mayhem Krew around 2007 and that alley was our stomping grounds. (Peace to all the heads from around Orange County who would come party with us at that alley, fun times lol).

Fast forward to present day; I have sprayed in Barcelona, Rome, Paris, NYC, Mexico City, and Canada, just to name a few places.

My style is versatile. I enjoy the adrenaline rush of street bombing so I typically spray fat legible letters so anyone can read what it says and I can get it done quickly.

I get much influence from writers such as Atlas Cbs, Post Vsop, My boy Art_OfThe_Endangered, Mecro CDC, Kiptoe, Baker suk tfb from Germany, Flaks 32G, Buster LM WS from Mexico, and many other entrepreneur minded artists doing what they love and getting paid for it, ya feel me.

Ayo, peace to everyone who supports and encourages my craft, I’m only getting started.

A big shout out to my jefita, thanks for hiding my spray when I was on probation and my P.O would come to check up on me, lol. And shout out to my sponsors, you know who you are, jaja.

Thanks for reading.

To check out more graffiti from SINCE check out his Instagram