Skape – Roots: Born in Queens, Raised in Miami.
I started writing in 98’ when i was first introduced to Hip Hop in my middle school days, when it felt like everyone just woke up one day with flavor oozing from their heads and started dropping styles nonstop. Wu Tang Forever had just dropped and activated my brain on that hype shit. I picked up writing and breaking quickly and got put down in HBK by my long time soul brother and crew mate SKRIPT. He schooled me in foundation of both Graffiti and Breaking and how to stay tight around the local Gang Unit that would fuck with us constantly as kids. I got serious with writing around 03’ when I started flicking my spots and hitting places further and further from my own hood. HBK had evolved into DAE crew by early 2000, and it was my biggest motivator to stay getting up and being competitive within the crew as well as on my own. Grew up rocking with homies SKRIPT, FRIKS, LETS, KWEST, ILLEST, MARS, SEX, DIAS, BETS, TUSK, IFUK, DENSE, CEPT, EDIT…. the crew list goes on and has had many fresh writers add to the crew’s history. Outside of my peers i was always watching style masters…..CEAZE & TRIAX, XENO, ATOMIK, QUAKE TSC, BEGZ & REALS OSF, PEST & REVRS DD, JELS Inkheads, DASK, KEMO, LOGEK, ESER, CROOK, CROME, MEKS & FREEK AIM, 7UP, UFO, WEVE, INFOE, TWICE STV list goes on! Every writer has something to teach if you are willing to learn.
I lived in Brooklyn from 06’ to 09’ where my mind opened up in ways Miami could not inspire and got better and more well rounded with my handstyles and throwies. My style is a mixture of every stage I’ve gone through with my letters and techniques, letters weren’t always easy for me but that just forced me to push them and really bring them into structure. I don’t draw on paper like I used too, I’ve been freestyling all my work with no sketches for at least 10 years now and enjoy trying out unexplored styles, so I can honestly say that most times I don’t know what will come out until I start spraying on the wall. These days I play with 2D/3D illusion and color combos, always looking for that sense of unpredictability is what keeps me engaged with my letters, cause if not i would have changed names a million times or just eventually moved on creatively. Shout out to all the writers in my sphere, keep it 360.

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