Eyy! Skar here, straight outta Algorta, with love, a small village from Bilbao, the north coast of Spain.

First of all thanks for the opportunity and the interest in my work, it is something to be thankful for, in such a globalized world in which there are thousands of talented writers.
My relationship with the world of letters began around 2013, I have always been a big fan of American hip hop culture and its aesthetics, so I soon began to pay more attention to graffiti.

Since I was a child I have liked the feeling of freedom, and I have hated being told what to do, or how to behave… in all aspects of life. In graffiti I found that freedom that I wanted so much, since I didn’t have anyone behind me to tell me how I had to do things, or where, or why…

The freedom that graffiti offered me, was what made me fall in love with letters.

My passion for letters made me get fully into the world of calligraphy, where I found two of the styles that has influenced me the most, Blackletter and Chicano Style.

For a couple of years I focused more on calligraphy, which gave me a completely different vision than the one I had in the world of graffiti, and with the new techniques and compositions that I was learning from Blackletter and Chicano style, I took to the streets again with a much more defined and personal style, quite distinguished from what was around me.

Speaking of artists that inspire me, I could highlight a few; Keaps, Sicoer, Chaz Bojórquez, Big Sleeps, Soems, Brodar, Canser, Badypnose, Buster… and many more, in general I like writers with a good handstyle.

Hope you enjoy my work and inspires you.
Once again, Big thanks for the opportunity, soo mucho love❤️?

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