Thank you all for submitting sketches, there were many good ones so it was hard to choose. Every single sketch submitted had interesting components, some things I had never seen before.
– Jurne

First place: Pasone

“Very strong legible letters with swing/funk, combined with great connections, variation of bar width and an overall compostition that leads the viewer’s eye throughout the piece.”


Second place: Dales

“Great letters, good compostion and spacing, each letter stands on its own and fits with the others, stylized additions that add to the piece without distracting from the legibilty, and mixed use of capitals and undercase letters works well.”


Third place: AceUno

“Good letters with swing and personality, good overall composition and lettering additions that add to the forms without being distracting. Stands on its own as a great sketch without any color use.”


You can see all the entries of the battle here. Thanks to everybody who participated and thanks to Ironlak for offering the prizes to the winners!