The results are in! Here’s what the judge, Skor, had to tell about the winners he selected:

“First of all thanks to everyone and mad shout-out for being so many to participate and put in hard work and efforts for this battle!. Hope y’all have fun doin’ it ‘cause in the end that’s what it should be all about!! 

SO! Damn never thought it would be this hard to pick 3 winners! We received almost 300 entries!!!
I narrowed down to 30, then cut it to 10 to finally pick 3… Again, it was no easy task. And almost every sketch had something that caught my eye.
That being said def got so good sketchers out there! My word wasn’t the easiest to sketch also. I did that on purpose to see how people would work with them.
Letters and style always comes first. Those are major aspects i live by. Flow and overall composition also was important. Originality had its word. Finally, the rules that were specified also had to be respected.


Based on those criteria here are the winners:


Third place: SOBEZ

3rd place was a tuff one as I had all of the last 10 pieces from my final selection that could of made the cut. Sobez ended up being my choice. His piece caught my attention with how the letters and connections worked together. It flowed nicely. I can’t remember seeing something similar before. Quite unique. The overall harmony was on point. Good proportion. Different without being corny and I liked that.


Second place: BRAESONER


One of the first entries I got, And right away I knew he had good chances of making it to top 3. His letters were solid and flow real well. The structure was pretty unique. Crispy lines and just the right amount of extension to balance out the piece.

First place: NAKS 


It was clear to me that Naks was a serious contender when I opened the image. Right away, I noticed how much style the piece had. The flow was flawless and the letter structure was balanced. Even if at first sight the piece could seem complex and hard to read it was actually very clear and easy to read. Needless to say shit is mad crispy clean. Definition of a Wildstyle at it’s finest: Complex yet still readable! That’s whatsup! 


Thanks to all who participated! You can see most of the sketches submitted to us right here.