My killer name is Skofe from Bos, Nbc, Lts crews

I’ve been painting since late 1999, but took Graffiti seriously in 2003. That’s when my journey really begins. Born in Michoacán Mexico, but raised in South Central Los Angeles since I was 2 years old! That’s how you know where my style comes from, when I was young I was really influenced by my homie RIP Tekmo74 and crews like Lts, kog, Msk, Gaw, k4p and few others, currently influenced by my crewmates Tank, hufr, punch, Asoter, sauter, klean, brek, Dasho man the list goes long! Hahaha. Influenced by your own crew members and knowing you’re taking the same path it’s undefeatable! I’m currently living in Tijuana, Mexico.
Did some prison time and got deported! that’s when I believe my style grew tremendously. It took me while to get my letters on lock, to this point still learning and pushing harder every time, still developing. I choose ilegal Graffiti more than anything, always thinking bigger and trying to raise the bar high af, hitting freeway spots, riverbeds knowing you’re bout to get into some crazy shit, getting chased by cops Etc, Also paint legals with my buddies and have dope cats from all over the world visit me its a really good experience aswell! All about connections.
With that being said, shot out to the Bombing Science team for having me as a feature and
Shot out to my homies and crew members
Stay Dangerous


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