My name is Skwer, I am 25 years old, I live in the southern suburbs of Paris. I discovered graffiti in 2006 and I started painting in 2012, I focused on drawing and sketching in the beginning in order to have a minimum level to start with once I started painting on a wall. My crew is the FHA, we are a young group of 9 friends who have built up little by little since 2012 and which are composed of Oskar, Qui.S (from Toulouse), Hemsy (OTZ, LWA), Quick (AB1 ), Mentol (CDQ), Oney (from New Caledonia), Igrek, Roye (SDR). Our philosophy is to paint for pure and simple pleasure and to enjoy ourselves and with others around our common passion. My style is a bit like wildstyle, I like letters, my goal when I build letters is to create a sequence between each letter to have a dynamic and homogeneous result. I continuously force myself to sketch in order to always find new sequences and evolve my style. I like the grounds and the lost spots, places where you have painted is really enhanced by the unique place. I also like painting on canvas, landscapes, and portraits, it changes letters.
My inspiration when I was young was Pest (P19 crew), I passed in front of his pieces, and it made me dream of fucking style and compositions always more impressive each other.
Big up to all the FHA friends: Oskar, Qui.S, Oney, Hemsy, Quick, Mentol, Igrek, Roye; to Kner, Serge, Rezbo, Lboy, TonerTwo, Wame, Soye, Staf, Blam, Aswe, Khosmik, and those I forget!”

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