Hello. I write Sloke One. I rep for NBK, CBS, OTM, LAWS, LORDS and CREATURES crews. I am a graffiti artist out of Austin,Texas. I started dabbling in graffiti in 1986 through skateboarding but really began writing in 1990 when I met SKAM (Supreme King Al Martinez) who gave me my first outline. I was first influenced by the books Subway Art and Spraycan Art and then later Bay Area California wild styles (crews such as TWS,TMF,TDK). As years went by, my style began to develop more towards wild style. Since then I have tended to bounce back and forth with fonts, abstract, and fundamental letter structures. My style is evolving even to this day. I tend to develop a style, paint it for awhile, then move on in search of creating another one.

Writers who have had an influence on me early on would be Phase2, Dare(RIP), Dream(RIP), SKAM(RIP), Saint(NBK), Duster, Case2, to name a few. 

I’d like to give a shoutout to My Crews, My Friends (you know who you are), My Family, and Bombing Science for the opportunity to chat. Peace!

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