Hi, my name is Smec, I am a writer from Southern Italy. I’ve been a writer since 2003, but this culture started to fascinate me since 2002. What motivated me to be part of the graffiti world was the desire to imitate a boy from my country whom I saw painting every day; he painted and filled with color large and gray walls. I could see him every day while he was doing it and it was so surprising to me that I wanted to understand why he did it, what was behind it and see if I would be able to do the same things. I also wanted my artistic identity, among other things I always loved drawing, painting and colors. So I started doing graffiti in 2003 and I reached my style step by step, inspired by the style of New York, because I love the roots and origins of graffiti. 

My study of letters and joints starts from the block letters and is always looking for more dynamic and sinuous solutions, which fit together without overturning the letters too much. 

In my opinion writer’s life is not limited to sprays and drawings, but coincides with his emotions and with all the things and feelings that feed him. So as a result on the wall you can see all these factors. 

For this reason, I think that graffiti is a social phenomenon, a means of communication and interaction. Sprays, letters, and colors are simply a reflection of all this. The wall is the mirror. 


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