My name is SMOE NOVA, I‘m 33 years old, in love with style writing since 2001, family father of three wonderful children, got a beautiful wife and I work as an Artist since 2007. I‘m from Warendorf, a very small town in west Germany where the graffiti hype never really arrived. – This is why I travel a lot to other cities, meet the writers there and paint spots together with them – or they visit me, and we paint together on my walls here in the city. It is just incredible how many well known writers have already visited my small town and painted here together with me: AWONE from Sweden, BAKER from Turkey and 2 weeks ago DOKE from Slovakia,  just to name a few of them… Really crazy what is happening the last years… My whole life has to do with style writing and Graffiti – about discovering and exploring the big world of style and I’m so happy that there is still so much to discover. Even my style still improves. And I‘m surprised about the digital possibilities nowadays – digital painting on ipad pro, recording stuff with gimbal and action cam, bluetooth, livestream, editing, uploading, putting filters over it… merging panoramas on the phone… hashtags… I feel like a special agent some days with all that equipment and high tech stuff… 

Just two years after buying my first spraypaint, I bought my first digital camcorder in 2003 and everything I was recording with it since that was just my Graffiti adventures. First I just stored them on my computer, but over the years the possibilities of sharing my stuff got more and more easy. So in 2016 I started to edit more or less professional videos for my Youtube Channel, which is one of my biggest motivation nowadays. I want to boost the quality on that platform. I‘m really happy that so many people see my graffiti today, and how the scene moved closer together through instagram and Youtube. It is such a joy to be able to see stories and posts from all over the world from writers that I like from the very first days like Can2, Kent, Geser or Totem2 and to be motivated to get close to their level. Graffiti has never been more exiting for me then it is nowadays. I even built a 50 square meters wall in my garden… Maaaan

Shout outs to KIER, KAYO & CREIS!!! 

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